Thursday, June 11, 2015

Technical problems!

Dear followers:
As you must have noticed, there's a problem with my blog, 
and not a little one: all images are gone !!!
An artist blog without images is like a book without words,
it makes no sense...
I've  decided to create a new one, probably with a different server,and of course, I'll let you know all about it.
I will eventually delete this one, so if there's anyone that would like to keep something from it(recipes, information about someone I wrote about, etc.)remember you can leave me a message here, in my Facebook artist page or go to my website to contact me. 
Thanks for having followed me!  
I'll be back soon with good news!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Mentalist


French author and mentalist Jean-François Gérault
is now blogging !!!

Jean-François will be discussing(in french)hypnosis, memory,illusionism... the fourth dimension at your feet!

Click here to get there...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Unforgettable 2014

Seven Things That Make Me Smile 
When Looking Back At 2014

I started the year in good company: I got to see my dear cousin Elvin
after years of not seeing each other!  And I finished it the same way:
 with my cousin Deirdre in Paris! 

I found a painting studio that really suits my needs!
I went in a short trip to Brussels 
with my blogger friend Karine Barbier!
I discovered a book that has helped me a lot
 in the practice of meditation... 

I finally got into Facebook
You are all welcome to my art page !

My husband took me see La cantatrice chauve 
(The Bald Soprano), a legendary and 
surrealistic theatre play!
I had a solo show in Paris:

Woman or dream: 

a pictorial homage to Julia de Burgos.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thanks for coming !

These are some pics of the opening 
of my recent solo show, Woman or Dream.
To those people in the picture (and those who didn't get to be in it!): 
Thanks for backing me up in this adventure!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Poetry reading

I will be hosting a poetry reading at Espace A.C.I. this tuesday!
It will be based, of course, on Julia de Burgos' work.
Espace A.C.I.
3, Rue Niépce
75014  Paris
Metro Pernety, Line #13
From 6:30pm to 8:30pm

You are all invited!!!

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Monday, December 15, 2014

"Femme ou rêve"